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Fermentation based biopharma-ceuticals

Fermentation based biopharmaceuticals

We offer complete technologies for the manufacturing of fermentation based bioactive small molecules (APIs and HPAPIs). Our services range from fully developed industrial technology packages to contract research. Our goal is to get your GMP manufacturing running – in low cost and high quality!

About us

from academia to industry

Care4Living is a contract research & service provider in pharmaceutical industry located in Finland. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in fermentation based small molecule (API) production, both from industry and academia. We offer flexible and varied service packages covering all keys steps to successfully transfer technologies to fit your needs.

Research Center

We collaborate closely with the Antibiotic Biosynthesis Engineering group at the University of Turku (abelab.utu.fi). Together we have extensive knowledge on actinomycetes, their secondary metabolism and the most recent scientific discoveries regarding the field.


Our emphasis is on a proactive approach and frequent & open communication with customers.​

Our Expertise

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API & HPAPI producers

Our collection of bacterial strains produce a wide variety of APIs and HPAPIs including antibiotics, cytotoxics and immunosuppressants.

The majority of our strains are ready-to-use in industrial production and have been carefully developed over the years through mutagenesis and genetic engineering to reach commercially viable production levels.

All of our products have been demonstrated in industrial scale (x l) or laboratory scale cultivations (up to 3.5 l). Further demonstrations can be performed in small-scale fermenters (2 l to 30 l) or shake flasks based on your needs.

Process development

Along our production strains, we provide full technology packages for industrial GMP production.

These include specifications on compatible fermentation and downstream equipment, details on industrial protocols, batch records from previous large scale fermentations etc.

We will help you carry out a straightforward and rapid technology transfer to your production site.


We can a provide you a broad range of chemical or microbiological analytics options including:

  • HPLC
  • LC-MS
  • NMR
  • pH/PMV/conductivity
  • Spectrofotometric analysis
Strain development & Optimization

We perform strain development to further increase production titers. This includes classical mutagenesis (chemical & UV) with fast and modern screening methods and more refined molecular biology methods.

Understanding biosynthetic pathways makes possible to create direct biosynthetic production route for some semi-synthetic API’s. 

Collaborating with the University of Turku, we also develop plate-based and liquid-based screening methods to screen potential mutants more efficiently.

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Aleksi Nyqvist

Laboratory Manager

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General Manager

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Our contact and billing address is Poikon rantatie 39, 21130 Poikko (contacts and billing preferred by email to [email protected]).
Our laboratory spaces are located in Biocity (6th floor), Department of Life Technologies (Tykistökatu 6 A, 20520 Turku, Finland).